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Selecting the Best Catering Service For party in Liverpool

If you need party catering near Liverpool, we are a local hospitality company who has a great reputation for delicious and generous serves of well-prepared food. We can provide everything that you need for a successful party or more formal occasion.


Locals contract us to supply hospitality services including menu planning, serving, bar service, spit roasts, finger food, decorations, plates, glassware and serviettes. We can do as much or as little as you would like when we contract for party catering. Liverpool customers are incredibly loyal, and we have been privileged to assist in the planning, preparation and serving of some magnificent events in the area. 


Some people would just contract us to supply a range of courses that they will serve. Others will engage us for a full reception service. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to make sure from beginning to end, it is the celebration that they want to have.

Themed party catering around Liverpool and surrounding areas is becoming increasingly popular. Have you considered a coloured themed party which will be the envy of all who come?  We can assist you to plan your food in colours as well as your decorations. It is a fun thing to do especially for children’s parties or for your sporting club celebration.


If you want to host a corporate PR event such as a birthday or milestone anniversary of your business, we can plan the perfect menu to tie in with the branding of your company. We are more than just food servers; Black N White Catering brings a sense of occasion to any event. Ask about options for buffet catering, sit down menus and finger food.


With our wide range of contacts in this industry, we can also recommend DJs, photographers and MCs for the event.  We can supply you with a pre-planned menu or you can create your very own menu.